In urban neighborhoods across the country competitive sports are viewed as a means to an end; a way to rise above the drugs and violence that plague these cities; a way to rise to the top. Founded in 1995, The Larry Gaines Stop the Violence Organization is a grassroots organization committed to mentoring youth through peer mediation, conflict resolution, collaboration and cooperation.  Founded by one of Camden’s native sons, LG - the late Larry Gaines, Sr., his dream was to do something that would be a part of the revitalization of this great city.  To that end and as a concerned citizen with modest means, he tapped into the resources human and in kind that was available to him and launched a Stop the Violence Campaign.


Larry incorporated his love for the game of basketball to garner the involvement, interest of area residents to spread the message about “Stopping the Violence.”   This message was exemplified by LG’s actions and deeds.


Taking It to the Hoop

In 1995, LG’s commitment and dream became a reality with the 1st tournament.  A decade later, this three day event attract ”ballers” who hail from South Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia too! Such notable names as Milt Wagner, Crystal Langhorne, Da Juan Wagner and Malik Allen just to name a few who have stopped through.


Time Out

In January 2000, a sudden illness would cut LG’s life short.  Yet, with his premature death his dream would not become a dream deferred.  LG’s legacy would live on and would become a labor of love, a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.  



Our success has made a tradition in the downtown section of Camden.  Players now hail from across the country and yet teams are organized from the youth right next door.   Since the tournament takes place the same time every year, people from the community make plans to be in attendance. 



In 2001, Each One Teach Consultants partnered with the Larry Gaines Stop the Violence Organization in sponsoring Children’s Safety Day.  The Children’s Safety Day has become an annual community event that places emphasis on children’s safety, financial planning and literacy.  To that end, we have collaborated with the Philadelphia Eagles Book Mobile, The First Books Organization and the Camden Public Library. 


In 2004, the Larry Gaines Stop the Violence Organization in collaboration with Largemoor Film Services sponsored a photography contest.  The photos were displayed at the Ronald McDonald House with half of the proceeds going to the Ronald Mc Donald House. We believe our efforts are rewarded by the fact that the crime rate has decreased in the city. We can’t do anything but look forward.


We are not hidden, and because of our visibility the youngsters are proud to be a part of what we are doing and they have a willingness to make a personal commitment to be part of the stop the violence movement.

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